World Sight Day

09 Oct 2019

The goal of World Sight Day is to bring awareness to the global vision care problem for the 1.1 billion around the globe who cannot access or afford an eye exam.

Laubman & Pank’s charity partner, OneSight provides both charitable and self-sustaining solutions to meet the immediate and long-term vision care needs of underserved communities, both internationally and domestically.

Vision care is not just a healthcare issue: it has impacts on both education and economic development. 80% of learning is visual. Children who see better, learn better. 

We’re on a mission to support OneSight to #HelpTheWorldSee. Together, we can close the vision care gap for good. Consider giving a donation of $10 to provide glasses or $30 to provide an eye exam and glasses to someone in need.

To find out more or to donate, please go to or email OneSight at