Radio Rentals has landed at Midland Gate.

21 Dec 2018

Radio Rentals is Australia’s leading household appliance, technology and furniture rental company with over 70 stores Australia wide and a team of more than 500 valued employees.

Radio Rentals offers flexible pricing and terms to suit most needs and circumstances with an extensive range of quality products from some of Australia’s most trusted brands.

Range includes:

  • Refrigerator and washing machine rentals
  • High definition, 3D and Smart TVs for hire
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and Apple for rent
  • Furniture rentals – lounge, dining, bedroom and office
  • Smartphone hire – iPhone, Galaxy and Thorn
  • Home theatre and audio systems
  • Exercise equipment for rent – treadmills, ellipticals and spin bikes
  • Must-have heaters, air-conditioners and Dyson Range for hire