Enjoy some free play in our Pop Up Playspace

29 Jun 2017

An area just for families - our Pop Up Playspace.

Unlike a playground, this space is based on the principle of supervised 'free play' which has been proven to have significant developmental benefits for growing minds and bodies.  The area combines both 'quiet' and 'active' areas.  The 'quiet' area has a collection of books, craft activities, stickers and colouring in materials while the 'active' area has large foam shapes, giant building blocks that encourage construcation and exploration.

And - most importantly - there is a comfy couch area where parents and carers can spend a few minutes relaxing while little people can take a break from shopping.

If you want to read more about the benefits of 'free play', here's a few of our favourite articles:

The Pop Up Playspace is now open opposite Mussan, in the Sandpiper Mall.