Midland Gate Locals get more!

10 Oct 2016

Are you one of our Midland Gate Locals?

If you are, congratulations!  Midland Gate is a passionate supporter of its local community and we love living here as much as you do.  It's because of this that we give our Locals more as a 'thank you' for being part of our community.  As a Midland Gate Local you receive:

  • An annual discount directory that gives you access to more than $800 worth of savings throughout the year
  • Exclusive invites to 'Local Only' events such as those with our Midland Gate Homemakers, Kaye and Kristie
  • First to know 'gossip', like which retailers are coming into Midland Gate
  • Local only competitions throughout the year
  • A bonus gift on your birthday

So, if you're not a Local why don't you jump on board and join us.  It's free to join and the benefits are huge!

Join Midland Gate Locals here