Kristie's Spring/Summer home styling tips

12 Nov 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, its a great time to style up your home, ready to entertain and celebrate the silly season. If you missed my workshop at Midland Gate in September, don't worry, there are more to come. In the meantime I wanted to share with you my on-trend style tips and favourite homewares finds, all available through at Midland Gate. 

Homewares styling 

So you have gone out and bought the most beautiful on-trend homewares products, put them on the dining table, or Tv unit and they now look pretty average. What happened? They looked so good in the shop and take them home and they just don't seem to be working. Styling is a bit of an art form. It doesn’t take much, but a few simple tips might turn those homewares into a beautiful vignette. 

  • Brass is the new Copper. Brass is taking over the Copper Craze. Add some bling to your home with some brushed or polished brass. 
  • Marble Magic. Natural Stones will also be popular for many years to come. Add some marble to your living area to create another layer of opulence.
  • Change up your cushions. We are now seeing different patterns, sizes and textures of cushions making a big statement. Look for different pattern, different sizes and different texture. I like to have one plain cushion, one patterned cushion and one textured cushion. And somewhere in there have a different sized cushion. A textured throw under the cushions will set them off perfectly. (See picture below).

  • Book Worm - Add books to your styling to create colour and height. (see picture below)


  • Green Thumb - Indoor Plants have been very popular throughout 2016, and they will be continuing to dominate the homewares trend for quite some time. Indoor plants create colour, height, shape and bring fresh air into the home. Check out Target and Kmart for some great on-trend indoor pot plants. So what plant should I have indoors? Small succulents are a great, fuss free plant that will live on pretty much nothing. If you are after something a bit more substantial, a Maiden Hair Fern are beautiful, but to require a bit more TLC. And something to fill that empty corner? A very popular indoor plant is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. They are slow growing but create a beautiful, fuss free backdrop to any interior space. 

There are plenty of great finds in Midland Gate stores to style up your home this season.  Above are my top finds, all available at Midland Gate. 

Clockwise From Top left 

  1. Organic Graphic Cushion from Target $15
  2. Multicoloured Print Canvas $19 from Kmart 
  3. Brass Cantilevered Floor Lamp from Kmart 
  4. Concrete Look Clock from Kmart $10 
  5. Casa Domani Vetro Barrel Vase 26cm from House $39.95
  6. Tangle Blush Taper Holder from Dusk $49.99
  7. Maxwell & Williams Elemental Marble Ash Board $59.95 from Matchbox 
  8. White Sheepskin from Prestige Sheepskin

Don't forget to visit our partner Homewares store, for some great gift ideas, homewares inspiration. This amazing online store is based in Moora, WA. 

Lastly, if you feel that your home needs some help, and you don't feel confident in purchasing the right products for your space, or your are thinking of renovating, get in contact with the team at Colour Cube Interiors who will be be able to help you achieve a stylish space that you will be proud of.