Customer priority car parking at Midland Gate

27 Mar 2017

Here at Midland Gate we are always working to ensure that our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience when they visit.  

One way we are doing this is by introducing a parking enforcement strategy to ensure that Centre staff and visitors park in allocated areas, leaving the premium car parking bays for you - our customer.  This will help us ensure that genuine customers are able to enjoy the most convenient access to Midland Gate.

As of 3 April, Midland Gate's parking limit will increase from 4 hours to 5 hours across the board and vehicles exceeding the 5 hour limit may be subject to a breach notice.  Similar systems have been in place for several years at other shopping centres you may visit, such as Midland Centrepoint, Belmont Forum and Mirrabooka Square.

If, after 3 April, you are a Midland Gate customer and accidentally receive a breach notice, we apologise.  We ask that you retain your receipts and contact Midland Gate Centre Management, the Midland Gate Information Desk or email so that we can arrange a revoke.

We have listed some FAQs below which we hope will answer any questions.  If you have any further concerns we encourage you to contact us on 9250 3688 or email  



Q:  Midland Gate now has a 5 hour car parking limit.  So, if I’m there longer than 5 hours, I’ll get a fine?

A: If a customer is legitimately visiting Midland Gate and takes longer than 5 hours then there is the ability to waive the fine.  However, receipts may be required as proof of the claim (see above for the revoke procedure).


Q:  And what about people who visit Midland Gate several times per day? 

A: It is highly unlikely that customers visiting several times per day will receive a breach notice.  If a legitimate customer, who has visited the Centre several times per day, does receive a breach notice Midland Gate has the authority to waive the fine (see above for the revoke procedure).


Q:  Why does Midland Gate need to introduce a 5 hour car parking limit? 

A:  This system has been introduced to improve the shopping experience for customers at Midland Gate.  A recent survey of our car park showed that approximately one third of our bays are being utilised by vehicles as an all-day parking facility and most of these weren’t customers or staff working at Midland Gate.  These vehicles tend take up prime car parking spaces such as undercover bays or those bays close to entrances.   The Centre’s intention is to free up these spaces for our customers.


Q:  How are fine received?

A:  As with parking fines anywhere else, fines are received immediately and placed under the windscreen of the vehicle. 


 Q:  Does Midland Gate receive money from the fines?

A:  No. The license plate recognition system is managed by a third-party provider and Midland Gate will not derive any income whatsoever.


Q: What about people that work at Midland Gate?  A lot of them are there for more than 5 hours.

A:  We have implemented a registration system for staff working at Midland Gate.  In addition to this, a preferred parking area has been allocated for Midland Gate staff who will need to use this area to avoid a fine.