Centre Services

The Customer Service Desk is located in the Fashion Mall. Our friendly Customer Service Staff will be happy to assist you with a range of services from Gift Cards and directions to wheelchair hire and lost property.

Lost Property can be reported to our Customer Service Staff or by phoning Midland Gate on 9250 3688.

We wish to advise that smoking is not permitted within 15m of any entrance.


Toilets are conveniently located throughout the Centre, in "Food Central" (the new fresh food market hall), The Coffee Club Mall, Food Court and Fashion Mall. All toilets have facilities for the mobility impaired.

Complimentary Wheelchair and Gophers

For your convenience, Midland Gate offer complimentary wheelchairs and gophers from our Customer Service Desk. In order to book a wheelchair or gopher, you will need to provide us with identification such as a Drivers Licence or Health Care Card. For more information or advance bookings please call Customer Service on 9250 3688.

Taxi Stand

For your convenience Midland Gate have two taxi stands. Stand One is located outside Westpac Bank and Stand Two is located outside The Coffee Club entrance.

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